September 23, 2008

Costa Navarino ? (EN)

A new name is born: COSTA NAVARINO (the coast of Navarino)

Greek promoters of TEMES SA (the ship-owner Vassilis Konstantakopoulos known as " The Captain " and its family) who are carrying out their project -the building of two «king size» hotel complexes with two 18 hole golf courses, in the area of Pylos/Romanos- have decided to give a name to all the coastal region from (Marathopolis) Romanos to Pylos.

The 2 complexes located in the recently named area "Costa Navarino" constitutes a part of a project called Navarino Resort (POTA Messinias) which includes:

- a large deluxe hotel complex between Tragana and Romanos which is named Navarino Dunes or Romanos Navarino Dunes Resort. It will be managed by Starwood Hotels (opening envisaged in 2009)
- another large deluxe hotel complex at the exit of Gialova (just outside Pylos) which is called Navarino Bay ou The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino. It will be also managed by Starwood Hotels (opening envisaged in 2010)

You will see approximately on this map , the area that is supposed that this name should cover (including the beaches). We will the real extent of this only as time goes on.

A big development " boom" is forecast, which will inevitably have repercussions on the area which currently has little or no luxury or mass tourism.

• Internet site in construction

• The site " pub" from Starwood Hotels devoted to the Navarino-Dunes = Romanos Navarino Dunes Resort Comes out (located at Romanos)

• The advertisement site of Starwood Hotels devoted to Navarino-Bay = The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino (located at Gialova-Pylos)

Some details by complexe (for each complex idem = multiply by two):
- Surface approx. 1' 300' 000 m2
- 5 star Hotels
- vast spa and thalassotherapy centres of 3300 square meters
- an 18 hole championship golf course of, managed at professional level by Troon Golf
- a conference centre which can accommodate 2000 people

More details while clicking on the picture below (begun again site of the promoters)

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